CPUT Application for Accommodation 2023-2024

By | June 24, 2021

CPUT Application for Accommodation 2023-2024

CPUT Application for Accommodation 2022-2023

CPUT Application for Accommodation 

Application process for accommodation

The application form from CPUT Registration office contains two sections: academic and accommodation. This makes it workable for the two sections to separately reach the academic departments and the Housing Unit simultaneously.

This permits time to do selection and placement and communicate with students. This likewise permits the unit to capture the applications for first-year students using its staff component without having to resort to contract.

Letter from registration

The current letter that goes out to first-year student applicants from academic departments needs to be refreshed (Bellville Campus). The different departments write different letters and in some instances, the letters refer to a Placement Officer who left the institution five years ago. The academic departments should leave the accommodation part to Housing, as the unit will on its own respond to applicants.

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First Year students

The Housing unit shall set aside a minimum of 30% of all available spaces for First Year students. First Year students who would have written and passed matric at the time of selection will be picked and placed during the October / November selection period. First-year students who are still waiting for their matric results at the time of selection can only be picked and placed at the beginning of the year. For them to be selected, the Housing Unit will consider the following:

  • that they applied for accommodation
  • proof of having passed matric
  • acceptance to study at CPUT

First-time applicants

For the purposes of residences, first-time applicants are CPUT registered senior students who were not staying in the residences the semester preceding their application for residence. For first-time applicants to be selected for accommodation the following shall be considered:

  • 60% pass rate of the subjects of which examinations were written
  • applicants should be staying outside 60-kilometre radius from the institution
  • availability of space

First-time applicants shall be placed in the available spaces after the first years and returning students have been placed.

Returning students

Returning students are those students who stayed in the residences a semester preceding their application for residence. The returning students shall be placed back into their residences if:

  • They pass 60% of the students for which they sat for examinations
  • They applied for accommodation the previous semester
  • There is no serious disciplinary record against them

Students on experiential learning

Students on experiential learning for a period of six months or more shall not be accommodated at any of the CPUT residences. Only students on three months experiential learning shall remain in the residences during that period. Students coming back from experiential learning shall be accepted back into the residences if they applied for accommodation the previous semester.

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CPUT Application for Accommodation

CPUT Application for Accommodation 2023-2024

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