CPUT Financial Aid and Funding

By | June 17, 2022

CPUT Financial Aid and Funding

CPUT Financial Aid and Funding

CPUT Financial Aid and Funding

Financial Aid’s main goal and mission is to manage and administer numerous student funding alternatives for worthy students in accordance with sponsor standards. Our goal is to guarantee that all qualified students on all of our campuses have access to these monies. We want to distribute the monies through a fair and open application and review process.

What is financial aid funding?

Financial aid is money given to financially needy students who are also academically competent or have a high degree of academic success. The funds can be used to cover study-related expenses selected by the donor, such as tuition, housing, meals, and books.

Funding is always linked to academic competence or achievement since donors want to be sure that their money is spent on students who take their education seriously. Even financially needy students must be academically competent to qualify for financial aid.

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The listed below are the types of funding


Companies, NGOs, government departments, and SETAs provide bursaries to students. These awards are usually based on a list of criteria (such as financial need, academic merit, field of study, gender, place of birth). The donor chooses which study-related expenses are funded. Students who complete their studies successfully are normally not required to repay a bursary, however some bursaries contain a service contract with the company that provided the scholarship.


A loan is an amount of money given to a student on the condition that the student will repay the money over a set period of time once they graduate. The student signs a legal agreement with the lending company and in most cases a guarantor (someone to repay the money should the student fail to do so) is needed. If a student or their guarantor fails to repay the loan, legal action can be taken against them by the company or organization to retrieve the money.


A scholarship is an amount of money given to a student based on past academic excellence. It is usually only accepted for academic merit. Scholarships usually have no employment conditions, repayments or general conditions attached.

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