How to apply Esayidi TVET College 2023-2024

By | September 11, 2021

How to apply Esayidi TVET College 2023-2024

How to apply Esayidi TVET College 2023-2024

How to apply Esayidi TVET College Online Application

Prospective undergraduate, postgraduate, and international students are invited to apply online today at the Esayidi TVET College. As a result, you should apply as soon as feasible.

How to apply to Esayidi TVET College

Every application or registration has its way of doing it. Below are the steps needed to know how to apply or register to Esayidi TVET College Online Application. 

Below are the steps

Step 1:

Kindly get your application form for Esayidi TVET College.

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Online Application way:

  • Download Application Form
  • Download Declaration Form
  • Please complete registration Form Sections 1-5:
    • Section 1 – Student basic details
    • Section 2 – Upload certified documents (Scan all to one file)
    • Section 3 – Upload Application Form and Declaration Form
    • Section 4 – Agreement
    • Section 5 – Declaration

Kindly note, you need to download both the application and declaration forms. You will also need to apply online and submit these forms.

Hardcopy Application:

If you’re sending a hard copy application, you’ll need to complete the following steps:

  1. Please fill out an application form as well as a registration form.

Note that, you will be able to download the application form.

Step 2:

Please finish or complete your application form in full.

*Note that, you’ll need an email address.

Step 3:

Kindly attach all supporting documents.

Step 4:  Find Funding.

Are you looking for Funding?

Please check out all the available funding opportunities. If you’re not sure about the differences in funding opportunities, see NSFAS 2022

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