How to apply Umfolozi TVET College 2023-2024

By | October 5, 2021

How to apply Umfolozi TVET College 2023-2024

How to apply Umfolozi TVET College 2023-2024

How to apply Umfolozi TVET CollegeĀ 

Kindly read the documents below befor applying to Umfolozi TVET CollegeĀ 

Before applying, please read the following information.
Please keep in mind that this screening is required.
You retain the option of selecting your own course based on your preferences. Outside of the placement screening report, you will be asked to sign an affirmation that you have made your own decision. You have the ability to see and save your report. Please remember to submit an online application to the College. For further information, go to the College’s website.

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Please follow the instructions and provide truthful answers.

Allowing someone else to conduct this screening on your behalf is not a good idea. You will be referred to the incorrect course. If the screening is done by someone else, you will do poorly in the course that our system recommends. Complete only the “Pre-Entry Information” folder after you’ve registered on the “First time here?” button.

Complete all of the screening batteries in this folder by clicking on each button. Even if you don’t know the answers, answer ALL of the questions. At the end of each assessment, click the “Finish” button.

Important: When completing the Placement Screening Registration, remember to write down and save your Username and Password. If your internet connection goes down, you can log back in as a Returning User and pick up where you left off. When you start college, you’ll be requested to use it again for additional screening.

Applicants can click here to apply onlineĀ 


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