How to register Esayidi online Registration 2023-2024

By | September 12, 2021

How to register Esayidi online Registration 2023-2024

How to register Esayidi online Registration 2023-2024

How to register Esayidi online Registration

The Esayidi Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) College has been identified as vital to the government’s human resource development goals, notably the goal of reducing unemployment through skill development and human resource development.

About how to register Esayidi online Registration 

To be regarded a legitimate college student, an applicant must be registered. During the first three weeks of the semester, all students must complete registration, which is a University or college requirement. All students will use the Academic Information Management System (AIMS).

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Every college or University has its way for applicants to follow to during its registration period.

How to register Esayidi online Registration. 

Below are the steps needed to move with when you are registering.

Step 1. Please collect your username and password from your College/Institution registrar office.

Step 2. You need to start by logging into the portal with your Username (ID No.) and password.

Step 3. Kindly Click on Registration ——> Course Registration ——> Please complete your profile before registration!! Click Here >>>

  • telephone number
  • email address
  • birth date and
  • upload your passport size photograph

Click on Submit.

Step 4. you need to fill the cost sharing information ——> Click on Submit.

Step 5. Please select Courses ——> Click on Submit. You will receive a confirmation notice immediately.

Step 6. Kindly click on Logout to close the application.

For more or any information on these registration process contact esayidi tvet college

Tel: 039 685 5482/3
Fax: 039 625 4135

Private Bag 814
Port Shepstone, 4240

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