How To Register UP Online 2023-2024

By | July 13, 2021

How To Register UP Online 2023-2024

How To Register UP Online 2023-2024

How To Register UP Online

Please visit your Student Centre on the UP Portal as soon as possible to register.

UP Registration information for Applicants

Any inquiries concerning registration must be send to

Kindly note that you must recommence your registration at the starting of each module until you obey with all the requirements for the qualification. Should you fail to renew your registration at the start of each module, you will not be able to use your online material or have access to your lecturers/supervisor.

Contract Address
Before an applicant will be able to register; a contract needs to be decided between the student and the University of Pretoria. Students can access the contract online on the UP Portal, Student Centre, on the student portal. Students are requested to complete the contract online, submit, and then print and sign it. As soon as possible thereafter, the completed and signed contract must be uploaded on the UP Portal, Student Centre, under Upload Supporting Documentation, to the student portal.

Read also UP Online registration guidelines

UP Online Starting Dates

-The start date is the date on which your first module will begin.

-The application deadline is 2 weeks before the starting date.

-Registration opens 4 weeks before the session starts and closes one day before the module session starts.

-Payment deadline is 5 days after the module start date and if the payment is not received access to   Blackboard/clickUP is revoked.

-Registration: You must register for each module before the registration deadline.

UP Online registration guidelines for applicants:

Please Log in to UP Student Portal, click on the UP Student Centre link and check for holds in the right column of the student centre. If there are any holds, students will not be able to register online.
First-year students, who may not sure about their curriculum, need to register for core modules only. Elective modules can be added after attending the orientation programme and curriculum advice.

First years with fixed curricula can always register their modules as they appear on the registration page.

Current students are to register fully online from 4 January. Note that there is no fixed registration schedule for these students.

How To Register UP Online 2023-2024

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